Karetabla follows the misadventures of Mecha, Mileskys, Brayan and Yender; neighborhood youths who begin their transition to adulthood in the middle of a city as chaotic as immutable, as brave as it is violent: the Caracas of the 21st century.

Main Characters

Mecha Character Design


Mercedes Rafael is irascible and impatient. She is always eager to lift her voice and her fist to defend the causes she supports. An argument with her could easily turn into a screaming match (or even a boxing one). But this never happens, because Mecha is also a very sensitive person with an instant empathy for any liberal cause that crosses her path.

Yender Character Design


He is a “salao” (a person with very bad luck). He seems to be a magnet for difficulties and uncomfortable situations, a talent intensified by his “cara de culpable”:his factions and a childhood scar that arouse prejudices very easily.

Brayan Character Design


He appear to be a very proud and secure individual, but deep down he is ashamed of the place he was born. He constantly tries to get involved in activities of the upper class, the one he wants to belong to.

Mileskys Character Design


She is hot but ackward. She is 19 years old, and has not discovered her sexuality, probably because exploring her homosexual tendency would confront her with the beliefs of her evangelical family, to which she is extremely united.

Secondary Characters (some)

The Zar of Beauty Character Design

The Zar of Beauty

The Terrorist Feminist Character Design

The Terrorist Feminist

Period Vampire Disquised Character Design

Period Vampire Disquised

Period Vampire Character Design

Period Vampire

El Portu Character Design

El Portu

Fredery Character Design


Peanus Character Design



Karetabla Team Member

Carlos Zerpa


Karetabla Team Member

Nathaly Núñez

Character Design

Karetabla Team Member

Cesar Diaz

Character Design & Compositing

Karetabla Team Member

Rodrigo García

Background Design

Karetabla Team Member

Patricia Franco


Karetabla Team Member

Taroa Zúñiga-Silva


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